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Dreams vs. Vision

We all dream. Whether they are daydreams, fantastical, surreal, disturbing (I won't share the one I had about clowns and outer space a few weeks ago) or even not totally remembered; dreams live within all of our minds. And they end there. Dreams are the stuff of imagination, vision is what brings a dream to the realm of reality.

When someone dreams they can fly, most individuals won't figure out a way to create wings, but a true visionary will. Vision is the bone deep determination that your dream can become a real live entity (#Pinocchioisarealboy). My company Orange Blossom is the product of vision. I first became interested in design and events at 9 years old. At 12 I put in my first bid for an event; my Aunt Pam did NOT hire me to plan her wedding but I was not dissuaded in the least! I went on to study Biology in college and entered the workforce in optical retail; however my vision was still alive to me. Fast forward to 2013 and Orange Blossom booked, designed, and executed it's first event: an elegant and beautiful wedding.

Dreams are hazy and indistinct for a reason, they serve to process the flotsam and jetsam of our day and sometimes to act as a spark. Vision takes the spark from a dream and creates a real life blaze. To do so you need precision and a game plan; vision is also constantly evolving. Orange Blossom started out primarily focused on weddings and events; however, I soon realized we were more than just events. We are memory makers and designers at heart so Orange Blossom Gifts and Interiors were born. I see our next transformation and eventually we will incorporate a B&B/wedding venue and a home decor line.

This blog is not only a chronicle of our journey at Orange Blossom; I hope it is inspiration for the visionaries. The road from dreamer to visionary is a long, arduous one; there are setbacks, side steps, and even out and out failures. However; the reward is priceless and incomparable:

Bringing your vision to life! It is our motto at Orange Blossom and it gives meaning to everything we do. So leave a comment and let us know how you are pursuing your vision today!

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